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Body Odour In Relationships


Well, I will be as frank as i can; body odour is in NO WAY attractive to anybody! It is a major problem and no matter how sensitive; we have to address it. Firstly, it is important to know that most people do not know that they have this problem, so please read through and help save a relationship.

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Maternity Leave….Or Sabbatical?

Mums and Babies

Hello friends and fam, trust you all are great. About the last four months…….hmmmmm, long gist. Ok, i started the blog (abuja moms) in april last year when i was about four weeks pregnant, i was super excited and felt Haba, i can do all i was doing at the time, carry the pregnancy and still blog everyday; apparently i didn’t get the memo that being pregnant while having a toddler is a different ball game!!!

Remember, all those times i was AWOL? Well, i didn’t want to talk about my pregnancy at that time so when i felt low or stressed, i just stayed off the blog. I had a smooth one ooh, but in between taking care of my 2yr old and keeping up with another boss growing inside my tummy, I just doff my hat to all Moms. Long story short: I had my baby and even though i’m still doing omugwo, I’m back to what i love doing……Giving you news,you can use.



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