No to Naked Jungle Justice

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There is this act that have been trending for a while. The act of punishing an individual through “stripping him or her of their clothing.”

This sick idea of punishment is mostly meted out on female folks.

But then, why this barbaric act of humiliation in the name of justice? Why take laws into ones hands?

And even when they have decided to play chief judge and instantly condemned the accused, why choose naked justice as her deserving punishment?

Does that act massage their ego in any way?

Does seeing her nakedness atone for her sins?

Does stripping her and recording with their phones satisfy their sick minds?

It is a big shame that we have degenerated to to this.

And for those mentally deranged group of people shredding clothes and pulling them off her body for indirect pornographic viewing, there isn’t much to say to them for they probably wouldn’t come across this.

But for you that might have at some point witnessed such dehumanizing treatment, what did you do to stop it as a man that has got a mother, wife, girlfriend, sister and possibly daughter and would never wish such punishment on any of them.

And for her fellow women who should know and feel the pains of this despicable act, what do you do about it? Why should you even derive joy in doing this once a fight ensues amongst you? Why do you stand aside and let this evil deed become a norm in the society?

Raise your voice and rush en masse to cover her nakedness for there is no justifiable reason for such punishment. For even criminals legally condemned to death are executed fully clad.

Worse still is the way these videos circulate with speed. Sometimes sent with the pretense of “just imagine what they did to this woman.” Please don’t imagine it, just delete it and implore the sender to do same. Circulating it equally makes you part of the touts that stripped her.

Even though you do not support her actions, do not exonerate her of guilt, do not deny her deed was wrong but just say “no to public stripping” before the sight of both the aged and our under aged children.

Hand her over to the authorities and let them do their work. Do not be part of this evil, say no to naked jungle justice. And be a positive game changer wherever you find yourself.

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Healthy Living

Health Benefit Of Garlic!


GarlicI’ve posted this before, somehow spam mails have invaded the comment section of the post so i deleted and I’m re-posting it. It is easier than deleting hundreds of mails mbok. Again here are some of the benefits of garlic……

Hello everyone; i know lots of people will be like; ishhhhh, garlic ke? Abegi, onto the next post jare. Yeahhhhh i said so too at some point, basically because of the smell garlic leaves in your breath and possibly skin as well. Yes skin!!! I remember years back, my friend told me how her mom prepares this garlic, ginger and honey mix that once you drink flushes your system; she told me how after 2 days of this therapy one can see trash settled on panty liners(if you wear one) or on your pants as a result of the drink cleaning our *you know what* from the inside. I was like “heck, please tell mommy to prepare me this drink”; it worked ooh, i felt very clean (i guess). Then weeks later; my sister said; “thank God that your body odour don stop”. Choiiii, apparently i smelt like garlic all through the time i took the drink. so i hated garlic for yearssssss. Fast forward, last year, i stumbled upon the benefits of garlic and that i don’t have to drink raw garlic to get it’s benefits, now there’s garlic in any meat i cook, garlic in my stew, garlic in almost every meal in my home. Here’s what i found out

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