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I became a Mom yearssss after lots of my friends already had kids (not that i am old ooh) Lol.

During pregnancy, i got over a thousand advice: Don’t go to the market, go to the market but wear a pin before you leave your house. Don’t make love ooh, Haba!!! Make love every other day jor. Start drinking palm wine from the 8th month, wait until you give birth before taking palm wine. After birth, come and see advice….. Drink stout, No!!! Don’t take stout, take palm wine. Let your mother in law come stay a while with you and help with the baby, What??? Don’t allow anyone but your own mom come ooh. Stretch this boy’s legs or he will have bow legs, Don’t bother; his legs will stretch out as he grows. You need to eat plenty because of breast milk, Don’t eat plenty or you will just grow too fat.

It was confusing yet educating. I laughed whenever contradicting advice came (not in front of my advice giver though). In all, it was truly fun and i am grateful to all who cared to give me advice, but then again; new moms should really think about any advice given, to avoid making costly mistakes.

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