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Hello family, it’s been too long, I know right, I’ve missed you all too. You know I thought being pregnant and having a toddler was a tough cookie and thought it was a good enough excuse not to follow up on my love for talking to you guys on this blog; well, who knew that tough cookie was inĀ fact bliss, try running around two toddlers (boys)!!!

Everyday, i’ll say maybe tomorrow and then the whole of 2016 passed, 2017 January I started an amazing group on Facebook called: ABUJAMOMS!!! Fun right??? Yeah, I know. It’s one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. We are 16,360 members last time i checked and we just clocked 1 (One) Year yesterday. Honestly, I can’t even lie, concentrating on growing the group didn’t even make fill guilty about not blogging all through 2017. We are sisters on the platform and our watch words are; Sister’s keepers and Game-changers, this is because we look out for each other and we are poised to change the game that sees women as their own enemies.

We have carried out some beautiful projects directed at making women relieved and happy, there has been #Abujamomsfeed1000womenandchildren (At the IDP camp in Durunmi Area 1 Abuja), #Abujamoms1000schoolbags (At Gishiri Village), #Widowswindow (Where my sisters gave #50,000 each to 11 widows to support their business). We have partied and made great friendships, and ooooohhhhh we’ve been in the News! AIT, NTA Pilot newspaper, Montage online tv and we are still going strong. Not to worry, some of our events would be featured here in no distance time. So you see? I’ve been having a great time.

This time though, I AM BACK FOR REAL……..I’ve got the hang of managing lil’kids, I’ve decided to get very serious with this passion and yes, I know a lot of you missed my straight from the heart talking! Lol I’m not the University trained writer, I write like it comes to my head and I know you love me like that.

Cheers to a wonderful 2018!!! I still am Happiness Ani reporting for Abujamoms Blog where we are always giving you,….News you can use!

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