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tiredHello Moms, with most schools in Abuja resuming on Monday; we should have in mind a couple of things that are very important, irrespective of being a working or stay at home Moms. It is of course the final term of the session and our children are all expected to do well and move to the next class.┬áMost parents would like to sit up and put everything in place to ensure that their kids and wards are promoted, everything necessary including after school classes and home lesson teachers. With all the craziness happening these days, it is of utmost importance that we really really really dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s before bringing anybody into our homes as lesson teacher, or even taking our kids to stay with strangers in the name of after school classes. These things truly help improve the children, so we can’t stop them, but we can put all measures to safe guarding our children.

With some house-helps gone (not returning after you’ve given them Easter break; yeah i know) , remember to source for replacement with wisdom and in the right channel. These internet house-help thing has become a scary thing (for me oh). With old or new house-helps; always check to see what your kids are eating. Don’t rush out everyday to work, leaving your children’s feeding entirely the responsibility of your help.

In the bid to quickly toss up food for break period in school, some Moms make noddles almost every day for their kids, how about cutting up all the veggies needed to make fried rice, and par-boiling the rice the night before; then put in the fridge, it’s easier to make the fried rice afterwards. You could make stew the previous night and then boil spaghetti/rice and eggs in the morning. Sandwiches, Potato and egg sauce. I will be doing a post on lunch packs and also sharing recipes on super moist cupcake that you can add to kiddies lunch packs, soon.

In all, please do all you can to give your children a protected, loving and sweet childhood. Waking up early and doing these things can be stressful, but remember we are super-beings #wink#. Just keep keeping on.

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