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sex driveHello everyone: I must apologize for this longggg silence. We’re back again, i hope everyone and every home is doing great. So; we are going to talk about this thing about low libido or sex drive in women. As it is; lots of wives are going through this and really can’t or won’t talk about it. There are lots and lots of factors that can cause this and if it is not handled properly; it could affect relationships or maybe wreck marriages. Some of the causes of low sex drive are:

Emotional Stress; this may include: stress from work, too much thoughts on financial happenings or lack of finance, fatigue,  emotional distance from husband, communication problems, unresolved emotional issues, argument, feeling repulsed by sex. Some women also feel guilt, shame, anxiety, depression or boredom while making love. Fear of STDs or pregnancy, constant feeling that hubby wouldn’t make you reach orgasm.

Medications like birth control pills or some hypertensive drugs can also affect our sexual desires. Menopause is another culprit as it tends to decrease estrogen, testosterone and progesterone hormones that leads to decline in libido.

Other things could include; vaginal dryness, discomfort or pain during intercourse, inadequate foreplay, insomnia,  exhaustion. Knowing these things can help rearrange the feelings we have regarding sex. If we find ourselves in any category listed above; a simple talk with our hubby or a doctor would go a long way in setting things on the right track.

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