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Mbok, I’ll like to know how this “buying of Christmas clothes” thing started. Abeg make person wen sabi, help explain am to me. I don’t understand it! Growing up, it was a MUST that my parents got us, new clothes for Christmas, even if they do not buy you any clothes for the year, you were sure of your Christmas and New Year attire! It was unacceptable to do the Christmas “Yawo” (visits) in any old cloth. We enjoyed it and couldn’t imagine anything else.

Not like it is a bad culture, but i beg to ask, what is the essence? It’s okay if you can afford it, but with all our education and growth in our generation, why do we insist on instilling this culture on our kids? Again i say it’s fine if you can afford it, but to beg, borrow or even scam just so you can buy “Christmas clothes” is RIDICULOUS!!! What is wrong with them wearing the clothes you bought in August??? Yessss, that beautiful dress she wore to church in October, what’s wrong with it??

Clothes are even more expensive around that time, yet you insist to do as your parents did, and then no one would teach your child, not to go crazy about things he can’t afford. If you have money and you buy clothes for children, let them know, these clothes are for school, play, outing, etc, then if God makes money available to you in December and you decide to buy new clothes, then by all means, go ahead. If you do not have money at that time and decide to steal, beg, borrow, get high blood pressure because you want to buy Christmas clothes? That right there is bad parenting.

I was amazed at the extent people were willing to go, for the sake of this thing. I practice what i preach, I buy clothes for my kids when I have and when I can, so long as it’s fine and still fits you, you will wear what you have on Christmas day!!! I didn’t even realize, but yesterday I was searching for a picture on Facebook and i noticed that my family picture on Christmas day 2017 and that of 2016 (thanks to Facebook memory shared), my second son was wearing THE SAME SHIRT!!! Before you attack me, go and check the picture, if the boy wasn’t looking dolled up and super fly then come and look for me in my house.

Enough Said!!! If anyone beg me for money to buy “Christmas clothes” even if i have too much money, I won’t give!!

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