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Hello Moms, i got talking with some ladies and got mixed vibes on this subject. Some were of the opinion that asking our domestic staff for blood test is same as making them feel less than us, while some said it is simply the right thing to do. I am in that category as well; but i had to calmly explain why it is important they get tested and i thought to share my explanations here as well.

Firstly, running tests is not a death sentence, as it doesn’t mean everyone who run test is sick or must test positive to every test that was run. Secondly, the “run test”  thing we ask, is same as “Medicals” in the corporate world. Working Mothers take this Medicals every now and then while changing jobs. It is important to note that; having a domestic staff who look after our kids get tested can not be over emphasized, as many homes have been destroyed and children infected just because their Moms neglected to carry out test on their nannies.

HIV, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis and Pregnancy tests are some of the very important tests that should be run, Please know that if for any reason a positive result is given for any of these; help them get counseling and possibly treatment as it doesn’t mean their lives are over because they are ill.


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