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monsterThis is the face of the monster that kidnapped 3 little boys from a mother. It is not good to curse, else, i would have added mine to the billion curses this lunatic must have gotten.

It was revealed that, this same woman was the one who kidnapped 2 boys (Raphael and Michael Esharegaran) last year, after their Mom employed her as their nanny, she released the Esharegaran boys after she was paid 2.5 million Naira. Luck however ran out when she withdrew 400,000 from the ransome money from the Orekeyas’. She abandoned the boys because she sensed the police was closing in on her, but even at that; she was still caught, (I just feel like shouting Hallelujah!). Her real name is Funmilayo Adeyemi but she goes by the alias Mary Adebiyi

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