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11-16-pregnant_bellyHello Moms, i am truly pained by this, partly because it was done to someone i know and because these scams are done by women (whom should feel the pain of women trying to conceive even more). I have heard gist of things like this in the past and i wondered how people believe these scamming lunatics but this case got me re-thinking and feeling entirely sad, heart broken and wanting to help in my little way, stop at least one woman from falling for this scam.

So, my friend Stephanie (not her real name), has been trying to conceive for 5years and we’ve all been praying and hopeful. Imagine our joy when she said finally she was pregnant!!! We sang, jumped, screamed and cried (think-it, we did it). She adamantly refused to go for antenatal, at some point we gave up and just watched and gave pregnancy advice. Fast forward, one year; and my friend is still pregnant. “Babe, what’s up?” That was when she broke down, apparently, a woman adviced and took her to owerri where she met a woman, who collected 150k, rubbed her tummy and gave her herbs to keep drinking before and during pregnancy. sure thing, her tummy began to protrude hence her telling us she was pregnant. The woman also told her not to go for scan or else she will harm her baby with orthodox medications. Now this woman is telling her to travel to her clinic in porthacourt, to deliver the baby. She insists only her can deliver the baby,’ the catch?’; she is asking for 2.1million naira before she can deliver the baby. My friend is stuck with. swollen belly, swollen leg and wasted year.

Please Moms, spread the word, these people are still getting victims, let us try the best we can to prevent another mom from falling for this. Dear moms trying to conceive, please hold on, your babies would come.

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