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1. Make love! This might sound obvious but it is worthy of note that the more sex you’re having, the higher your chances of getting pregnant — but only to a point. Study has shown that; On average, about half of the couples trying to get pregnant will do so within six months, and that if you have sex less than once a week, your odds drop from 50 percent to 18 percent; if you have sex three times a week, your chances increase to about 80 percent. However, if you’re having a ton of sex — say, several times a day — your partner’s sperm count could be negatively affected, so its best to have his sperm count in mind whiles choosing number of times you make love.

2. Don’t smoke. Studies show that if you’re smoking 10 or more cigarettes a day, your fertility is definitely diminished — but even a few a day can have a negative impact (on your general health, too!). There is evidence that some of the chemicals in cigarette smoke kill the ovary. Women who smoke go through menopause earlier because they’re killing their eggs. Though it’s harder to detect in men, there is some evidence that smoking can affect sperm concentration and motility as well.
3. Maintaining a healthy weight. Women who have a BMI of greater than 27 or less than 17 have diminished fertility being in the middle is better not just for female but  the male partner too.
4. Moderate your alcohol intake. It’s been recorded that;  there’s evidence that if you have more than four drinks a week, it can diminish your fertility and increase your risk of ovulatory disfunction.

5. Exercise — but not to extremes. Exercise and diet are part of a healthy lifestyle, but not to the extremes.

6. Have safe sex. Protecting yourself from STDs plays a role in your ability to get pregnant. Venereal diseases clearly have a very adverse affect on your fertility. Chlamydia and gonorrhea in particular majorly target your fallopian tubes.

7. Don’t allow anxiety get the most of you; even though it’s not as easy as it sounds, try not to get too anxious, relax your mind and ultimately enjoy love making with your partner, take it to God in prayers.

Best of luck to all trying “Moms”(yes Moms ‘cos you’ll be called that soon).

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