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helpHello Everyone, an Abuja Mom, her baby and her sisters went out to get fuel yesterday evening, and upon sighting that there wasn’t much queue at Conoil in Kado; decided to join the queue instead of the usual black market buying(which by the way is milking people dry already). Before they got fuel, that rain started. On the way back home; while trying to avoid another car, their front tires entered a ditch.

The three ladies were confused and frustrated, two got down and tried to see what could be done while one remained in the car with the baby; you can imagine the joy they felt when the Naval Hilux stationed at the Kado Navy Quarters Junction, decided to come and check what was going on. ” Good evening sir” they chorused, thinking help has come. “What happened?” The Officer asked after checking to see who was in the car, the explanation was done, and these men just walked away. Not even a “sorry” or an attempt to rescue women and baby in distress at the junction in the NIGHT. Or better still give a word of advice on what should be done. Choi!!! My country Nigeria #SMH

While waiting for Hubby to come to their rescue, some angels drove past and stopped without any word rolled up their trousers and started helping, before even asking what happened. These angels are Nelson Uwem, his friend and two Keke drivers. These men got the car out in less than five minutes.

As far as i am concerned, these men are more men than the officers who couldn’t even sympathise with women that were obviously stranded and in need of male assistance. For this; Nelson Uwem is Abuja Mom’s first ever:  ‘Man’ of the Month.

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