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cheating-manI have heard people advice women on how to just endure a cheating husband and not even try to change a man because it won’t work. As much as i try to rationalize this, i can not take it off my mind, how this is so not a way anyone should spend their forever. I’m not and can never advocate divorce, get me right; I am saying DO all you can to make it stop! I know a very beautiful lady here in Abuja, works very hard, supports her husband with,  pays the rent, fees, long and short, she does everything. Oga bros on the other hand; lounges and chases after anything wearing skirt. 

He sleeps with every house-help she brings home, she wakes up in the middle of the night to discover bros is in the helps room; for crying out loud: how mean can you be, to do so whiles your wife is even home? It got so bad that she stopped having house-helps but she resumed when she could no longer cope with the kids, house chores and office work (remember she funds the home?). Now she makes sure she gets a help without HIV and pretends she’s sleeping when her husband sneaks out. She sacks her help anytime she feels her hubby is about attaching emotions. What a way to live life???

Here are steps i feel is appropriate to handle a cheating husband;

  • Be sure he is cheating; get every fact you can. Don’t get impulsive and do anything rash because you “suspect” your hubby isn’t loyal.  Don’t accuse him when you don’t have facts. Remember you won’t like it too if you were accused wrongly of infidelity.
  • Confront him and let him know you are not just being suspicious, no matter how painful; it is still better to talk about it. Let him explain, don’t shut him down. Listen to his reasons and all. Even if this confirms the worst, it could be a step to righting the wrong.
  • If his sorry about it, try and get help, talk with a respected person. A pastor, a relationship expert(yes we have them here) or anyone who can help the both of you get past the cheating experience. If he is a reasonable man, he will readjust his ways, if not….. you’ll have to decide whether to risk having STDs/AIDS or…… *straight face smiley*

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