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date night.Hey Ladies, hope your day was ok. These past weekends have been eventful in different ways, with the election drama and then Easter. All that is over, and the town is back to normalcy; SO, are you hanging out with Le’boo tonight? Do you ever have date nights or are you too busy that you can’t spare few hours just lounging with your spouse? The children are on holiday and there’s no gubernatorial elections in Abuja tomorrow; now what’s your excuse? Date nights for couples are very important yet often times neglected ‘cos of the usual hustle and then having to take care of our kids.There is always that guilt factor about leaving the kids at home, wondering what time is best could be tricky; but trust me, we all need that alone time with our spouse every now and then. I once saw a quote by a psychologist that read; “Sustaining intimacy is probably the most challenging task a human being has in his or her lifetime”. We have to constantly try to sustain the vibe in our relationships. It doesn’t have to be something too fancy, a walk in the park, one point ‘n’ kill, share a plate of isi ewu, even siting down and gisting while sipping water, anything. Just spend time together and be boyfriend and girlfriend again.

Don’t sneak around your spouse; sneak around with your spouse. Don’t go killing yourself wondering who he’s with, checking his phone and screening numbers to figure male and female voice (i know right?Lol). Just invite yourself, a little phone call to say: “bae, i feel like hanging out with you tonight”, can make all the difference in that situation that is troubling you. Yeah go ahead give him a ring, Yes you.

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