isiewu.Hello Moms; so it’s friday, are you and your boo hanging out? Is he always going out alone because one ‘joint’ makes one killer isi-ewu that blows his mind?( Nne don’t blame the guy oooh, this isi-ewu ‘sontin’ can sweet pieces biko. Lol). Instead of the vexation and grudge, how about i share with you my recipe to a veryyyy yummy and juicy isi-ewu. Note that if it is dry; it is not isi-ewu oooh. Here we go…

Firstly, you must make sure you clean out the goat head properly; nothing spicy in seeing goat fur, burnt skin or black ears while eating isi-ewu. I usually ask the butcher to use a blade to shave out any fur that wasn’t properly taken out while burning. Then he takes out the horn and teeth, cut into the skull without cutting through, this allows me to wash properly when i get home. I boil hot water, submerge the goat head in it, add salt and let it sit for 15 minutes, take it out and wash well with iron sponge, this takes out that black things in the ears, the white thing in the tongue and all dirt.

Now that you have a clean goat head; cook until done and then remove the skull, cut into bite size, keep the brain separate and if bros likes to see the eyes; remember not to squash them. The brain would act as thickener(if you have the mind to use it, me i don’t!!!)

Red oil, Potash(akanwu), Utazi leaf, Uziza seed, Efuru, Stock cubes, Pepper, Ugba(ukpaka) and onion(for garnishing). Finish ooh, and they will be making someone’s husband stay out till mid night for what na? Lol

Ok, as usual; no time for serenren, this is how i make my own: pound the potash, utazi, uziza, efuru and pepper together. Put the goat head back on the fire; add few spoons of goat meat stock, add the oil, stock cube and the pounded ingredients, the potash will change the oil to a yellowish colour, add the brain(optional), ugba and that is it. Plate it and garnish with some onion rings and chopped utazi leaf.

Some places now serve; chicken nkwobi, turkey nkwobi and the likes, I use same method to prepare nkwobi just substituting the goat head with chicken, turkey or cow leg.

Serve bros some home-made finger food and chilled drink this weekend mbok.

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