House help kidnaps three young boys.

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missing boys.Hello Moms, i’m sure most of us read the news that was trending online yesterday about 3 children kidnapped by their house-help. Thank God it also trended that they were found in shagamu area of Ogun state. I couldn’t help but ponder over the line in the message that read; “the house help only resumed yesterday, took the kids out at 8 am this morning and never returned.” I’m like; Seriously??? Let me understand this, did the house help go on holiday and “only resumed”? Did the house help “only resumed” for the first time? No matter how i tried to look at it, it just did not seem right to me.

Firstly, if your help go on a break and then resumes work, it is expected that you study the person all over again, reasons being that, a lot can happen in that space of time the person was not under your roof, the person could have being influenced by people where he or she went to. Then if your house help just resumed for the first time, pleaseeeee you have no business sending her out with your kids (unsupervised) the very next day. What if the person do not know how to handle children? What if the witty pranks of the kids can not be properly understood by this person? What if this person is a criminal, or a ritualist? So many questions.

As much as we can not blame a woman already feeling horribly sad; we as moms should learn a thing or two from this unfortunate experience. In all, it can only be God Who guides and protect us but we should remember that these children are placed in our care on this earth, to love and protect them the best we can. Let us not neglect due diligence in everything that concerns our children please.

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