Husband impregnates 13 years old maid.

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cryingHello Moms; a mom in one of the zones in wuse Abuja, is going through the worst times right now as the little girl she brought to help her around the house is pregnant and claims ‘Daddy’ is responsible. The little girl also said this is the second time as ‘Daddy’ took her to a place where they removed the first one late last year.The woman noticed her girl was sleeping too much and lacked appetite for anything except pap and decided to run urine test which proved she was pregnant; she took her to the hospital and was told the girl was three months gone. Why would anyone treat his wife and his family this way? The girl is said to be younger than two of the man’s kids. The betrayal is beyond comprehension, and he is not feeling bad about it.

What do you think this mom should do?

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