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?????????????????????A young woman in Abuja was traumatized upon the realization that her Husband of over 6 years had turned gay. The shock was so much she collapsed, and that was what got the gist out. In the bid to help her gain consciousness; her friend had to take out the phone from her hand, a closer look made the friend realize. her girl fainted because; right there was a picture of bros’ and another guy kissing with the caption: “I miss this”.Thing is, she had always suspected there was someone, but the realization that the someone was a ‘HE’, scattered everything. Anytime she snooped on his phone and sees seductive text massages from guys; she always assumed he saves the names of his girls with masculine names to avoid suspicion. On this day, she took his phone while at a party and that nasty ping came in. Well, with almost everyone at the event aware of what was going on; Bros had to start confessing and begging everyone to help him beg his wife. He said he was lured into the act, when he started frequenting a particular hang-out spot in Wuse 2 *lip sealed*. When they tried all the fine-boy moves and it didn’t work on him, they started giving him deals and cash (he was balling), after a while he had no choice but to give in. I know some ladies would say” My hubby is too masculine and strong for this s**t “; well it might interest you to know that bros is as macho as it comes.

Not to say snooping is good ooh, but in this case, it helped a lot! How would you handle this?

Ok, did they reconcile???? Stay tuned!!! #Strolls away#

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