schkidsHello everyone, it can not be over emphasized; how much our kids need good schools. The foundation laid for a child’s education helps to shape the child’s life. I know schools in Abuja don’t come cheap, I’ll like for parents to realize that more money does not equal quality training. That you pay a million naira per term does not automatically mean your child is in a better school than a kid who’s school fee is 80k. 

We have gone to lots of schools in Abuja to compare fees and method of teaching; we can’t name schools yet, just believe me when i say; you’ll be amazed at our findings of some of these “BIG SCHOOLS”. Before taking your child to any school; make inquiries, talk to parents who already have kids in the school, look critically at the teachers, speak to a staff other than the one stationed for you to talk with, pay attention to the tiniest detail. If a school claim to serve food; every now and then; visit your kid during break (some schools serve very cold 3 or 4 piece of chips and miserable egg as a “MEAL”).

The fact that your kid is still small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother about his/her school as the foundation is usually the most important stage of every aspect of life.

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