Indirect Robbery Of Patients In Some General Hospitals In Abuja.


pharmacist1Hello everyone; an Abuja mom reached out to me and spoke about how she was robbed while her son was critically ill at a general hospital in Abuja over a year ago. She said, lots of drugs prescribed was paid for only for the pharmacist to tell her where she can get the drugs outside the hospital as they(the Hospital) was out of stock. She rushed out and got the drugs, when her son was to be discharged she asked for repayment and was told to write to the management; she did and its over a year without getting back her money.

Another mom told me; hers is over two years and in her words, “It’s a cabal thing. They do it on purpose and after frustrating you they are inwardly happy when you stop showing up for refund ‘cos they share the loot”. I had to ask around and found out lots of people have had this bitter experience with most general hospitals in Abuja. This is wrong on so many levels that i can’t even count. Why would anyone or group of persons devise this means as a way of making extra cash????? It is sick, wicked and disgusting. Stealing from the sick makes you a sick mind.

I hope this “cabal” as one mom called it, is checked out and stopped before i start collecting evidence and naming names. Not nice at all, sooooooo not nice!!!!!

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