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milHello everyone, I’ll like to share some thought on how to love our mother in-laws. I’ve heard people say; the relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the most fragile of all human relationships. While this might be as a result of a mother in-law not allowing the woman of the house take charge of her home, it could also be a wife not allowing the mother in-law come close at all or it could just be the two parties totally misunderstanding the other persons approach to things.

Most times when these hatred or dislike between these women happen, we tend to forget that the one who truly suffers; is our husband. Like it or not: These are the most important women in the man’s life. He might choose to take sides with you for peace sake but he hurts inside knowing his Mom is hurting. I’m not saying, you should give up your rights; i’m simply saying try and try again to be at peace and love your mother in law. Just think of it this way: “that little boy you are carrying right now grows into a man, you too become a mother in law and want to put in a thought or two on how “you feel your son’s interest should be protected”. Right now ‘you are younger, probably more exposed and in tune with the way your husband responds to situations, you should be the one trying to better your relationship with your MIL just to make your man happy. Plenty women go into marriage with the mind set that MILs are wicked, so they are prepared to defend themselves and end up ‘attacking’ when they have no one attacking them and thinking they are defending themselves.  Here are few tips to better your relationship with her:

  • See her as your Mom, knowing that your mom upsets you sometimes too but you don’t hold that grudge forever. Same way, always try to trash out whatever hurt you feel and love her like you would your own Mom.
  • Speak to her: don’t lock up and feel bitter in silence when she says something that upsets you. It’s possible to let her know what you don’t like, and why, without causing major offence. You can say; ” I understand you’re trying to help but, i will prefer….
  • Ask for her advice sometimes, You will not only be making her feel relevant but also getting a tip or two on things she doesn’t even need to know you do.
  • Appreciate her good points, don’t just ignore the good things she had done, a simple thank you would melt her heart ‘cos it shows you noticed. Haba! Even the hardest human being has a good side. Lol
  • Keep it light; don’t get all offensive at every utterance of hers, sometimes make light her statements and you will find that you are not even pissed by it. For instance when she says; My son is looking thin, say; It’s just ‘cos he is eating and exercising right for a healthier and long life ma.

More tips will be welcomed and appreciated .

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