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happy womanHello guys, this my title shaaaaa, Lol. Okay, in our last post we talked about how to improve our sex lives as married women, this post is directed at husbands. I know some men would say; “husbands? There’s nothing to improve ooh, always ready and ……” Well ‘una try’, but still there are things you could do to help ‘ginger’ the sex life between you and your WIFE!!! 

  • Don’t let your sex life die because you think she has too much on her plate. Yes, she is the love of your life — the woman you chose to spend your days with until you both grow old. She is the mother of your children and a domestic goddess that runs your household and your family while still succeeding in a career and other duties. In order to make married sex better, try to stop thinking of her as your adorable and adoring wife when the two of you get frisky. Allow your imagination to run wild; think of her as the chic that she is and encourage her to play the part. Tap into the passion you have for each other and forget that you’re husband and wife.
  • Listen to her when she talks about things that get her in the mood, don’t shut her down because you think you have the manual on how to please a woman. Every woman has her unique sensual ignition.
  • Depending on the relationship you share with your wife; if she had ever told you jokingly or seriously to take your bath before bed; my brother, don’t think it is a one off thing, she actually means that you do so every night. Some men go to work, come home and just go to bed; everyone sweats and when sweat dry on you, it smells, you dress up nice to go be with her while dating, that she is your wife does not mean her sense of smell changed with her marital status.
  • Help reduce the stress around the house, some men refuse to let their wives get house helps and they too don’t help. Every night after the woman had worn herself out with chores, gets to bed exhausted, the last thing on her mind is sex.
  • Tell her how much you love her and what she means to you; it works like magic I tell you.


Please other tips and suggestions are welcomed Biko. Let’s get the groove on in our homes.

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