coupleHello Moms; So there’s this notion that once you are married: it is good bye to good sex. Well, that isn’t entirely true (true for those who decide to tow that path). Being married does not change the fact that you were sexually attracted to your spouse before you tied the knot. Challenges of life and growth in family size sometimes tend to slow the vibe. Here are some tips to help revamp the sex in your marriage.

  • Some women do not feel like it because they rarely reach orgasm; speak to your man about this, together you both can figure out ways to make you get there. Don’t just lock up and starve your marriage of sex. talk about your wants and needs with your man. Sometimes talking alone can reignite the spark in your relationship.
  • If you feel too dry all the time, it’s not a crime to lube it up. Research confirms it: A dollop of water- or silicone-based lube makes sex more pleasurable, satisfying, and a whole lot more comfortable for women. There are lots of jelly in the pharmacy, get one. (You’ll be amazed to find out that almost all the girls some husbands run to are constant users of jelly; with or without the man knowing; and then he screams “This girl is always sooo wet…” Mtchewww) I digress, sorry.
  •  Don’t over work yourself everyday, with the stress of fixing the house, making food and thinking of what to cook the next day; cut yourself some slack and relax so you are in the right frame of mind to even get to be in the mood.
  • Some women wear, the most tarted thing to bed or worse off wear pant, then tight, then jeans before going to bed; well, truth is: it is a total turn off. Before bros takes off all the plenty plenty things you are wearing, the guy might no longer be in the mood again ‘jare’! Wear something nice to bed, it makes not just the husband feel good but also makes you feel sexy which in-turn makes it easier to want sex.

I’ll be talking to our male readers too very soon, about the masculine side to this.

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