Hello everyone; I love to blog, I love to write, I love to gist but the thing is; with the hustling and bubbling in this great town of ours, I must confess that I know I don’t give this passion as much time as deserved.

After the school run, you return home to scream “what is wrong with you??? how can you be washing 5 plates for over 30 minutes?? Have you had your bath?Blah bla bla. Then you start the days’ hustle, call that person and this person, go here, go there and boom!!! It’s time for school pick up. Then the “hey, stop it!!! Put that down!!! I’ll spank you now!!! Blah bla bla…. Chairman, comes home and of course you serve and do the wifey duties, all the while promising yourself “I must blog today” only to realize your day has already ended and then you shift the blogging to tomorrow.

Before you know it; you’ve over 30 mails from people(wey no dey gree drop comment ooh. Lol) asking why you have refused to blog for a while. Make una no vex; I’ll improve. I’ll do more. Maybe if i get these number of mails as comments on the blog it would ‘ginger’ me; abi wetin una feel?

I hail all the Abuja moms.

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