Buhari1Hello everyone, so the inauguration has come and gone; we have a new president and our Nigeria is still intact. Abuja is calm and peaceful, everyone is hopeful for a better tomorrow. The APC has promised change and we all need change in our own ways.

If it were possible to wish a thing and boom….. it comes! I’ll say: I really want to see our Abuja like it was before these bombing things started; I’ll like to drive through Area 8, NNPC, Central Area and keep to my lane without joining traffic because of road block. I’ll like to drive straight into Kado Phase 2 without waiting for other people to pass because the Navy have demarcated the road and civilians have to drive in and out of their homes through the half road Navy Quarters left them.

I wish I’ll never queue up for Hours to buy fuel, I wish there will be jobs and business opportunities for young people, I wish to go out and not think about bombs, I wish that I see all these changes and lots more.

What change will you like to see?

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