No such thing as; over careful!!!


sadHello everyone; I always tell my sisters and friends that as women; we can’t be too careful. Did you hear about the banker that was raped a couple of days ago? It was reported that when she got out of Next cash and carry, she found her car which was packed along the road opened and she thought she had mistakenly left it open only to enter her car and the hoodlum hiding at the back seat of her car, pointed a gun to her head and asked her to drive, took her to a dump site at mabuchi where he and his friend raped and robbed her.

Dear sisters, please do not take chances at all. Do not imagine you had made a mistake with your locks (car or home). Once it’s dark and you for whatever reason had parked along the road; check your car from the outside, open your trunk if possible. Just check Biko!!! If you’re taking a cab, ask that the inner light be lit. I truly don’t get shy oooh, I politely tell drivers if i have to take a cab; “bros abeg, on your light”. Some of them would be like; madam i no be thief ooh. Well; it’s either the light is on or you move on. (Yes!!! call me fear fear; it’s not a bother at all). Since i heard that gist; once i get to my car; i check it right round using the touch on my phone. One can’t be “OVER” careful biko!!!!

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