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IMG_2839Hello Moms; how did this party pack thing even start? I remember growing up, when you go for parties; you just give the celebrant a gift (if you have ooh), eat rice and cake, dance dance dance and that is it. This party pack idea is so much fun and so much stress at the same time (depending on which side you’re on. Giving or Collecting). In Abuja, party packs are now norms for every birthday, whether celebrated or just marked.

In most schools, you must share party packs as your child turns older(not that anyone will force you ooh, but of course when you see your kid bring back a party pack every other day from school, you too will just have to buy when it’s his/her birthday). The party pack is an exciting innovation, the smiles on the faces of children when they open their pack is just precious. Then the struggling to get a party pack for your kid at an over crowded party is epic. Some mothers go to any length to make sure they collect for their kids(even to the extent of fighting. Lol)

Here in Abuja, you must package the best and up to date gifts to make your party shine. The way women sit to analyse a party pack after the party ehnnn. “Seriously, was that all they could give to children? That olden days HB pencil? Haba!!! See the type of biscuit they shared. Na wa ooh! And i was just waiting for them to share party pack…..” Lol. Moms; don’t lie jor, you have either said one of these or have a friend who has.

Anyways, I love party packs, and Abuja party packs are always on point. The picture above is from the beautiful party of baby Meimunat as she turned a year last weekend.


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