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couple-arguingSo, one Abuja couple had a huge fight and made up after a couple of weeks. When this fight happened, madam said a lot of things to oga which he vowed he must make her pay. After they made up, madam went on living life like they used to, while oga plotted on the most horrific pay back ever.

You see, oga filled for divorce, using another woman who acted as though she was his wife and she too was tired of the marriage. After the usual court proceedings, the divorce was granted and the acting madam was paid. Right now, madam is still living in the house unaware she is a divorcee while few family members know what’s happening and are waiting for their brother to remarry before they kick madam out of the house and when she sues for bigamy, they will present the divorce papers.

Some of these men have no chill, please always read between the tiniest lines. As women we should not ignore our instincts, I’m sure this man might have dropped a hint or two but his wife wasn’t catching it. God forbid this bad thing ooh.

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