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IMG_2762Hello Moms, I told you some posts back; I will be sharing quick and easy finger foods that you and bros can nibble on whiles ‘gisting’ and having the “hang-out” at home. What better recipe to start with but GIZDODO, yes gizzard and plantain. This dish is always ‘on point’. Nothing fancy, yet very very yummy. All you need is plantain, gizzard and stew. Finish ooh. Forget all the paparazzi and propaganda (Lol, Oyibo). If you have it, then that’s fine but gizdodo can be whipped up without all the green pepper garnishing and all. 

No time, if you want to know how i do mine; here we go… Firstly, peel 2 plantain(not overly ripe). Dice plantain and fry, set that aside, wash and take out the linings of the gizzard, cut into bite size and cook (i like to add a piece of beef or chicken when cooking gizzard, i just feel it adds some taste to it), after cooking the gizzard, fry them (again, i like to fry in same oil i fried my plantain in). All that set; fry a bit of stew( remember you can use the stew you already have abi?). Mix in the plantain and gizzard in the stew and…. Gizdodo!!! IMG_2763.JPG

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