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snoopingSometimes it can be confusing; some men just want to turn a woman crazy. Most of us have done this at some point, maybe while dating one cheating ex or even with our now husbands. The question is, whether or not a woman should snoop on her husband’s phone?

For me, i really don’t feel it’s important as it always ends up tearing up relationships, a friend of mine will say; “If you dig ground you must find something, whether useful or not, you go sha see something”. One might just be knocking on ‘high BP’s door while checking these things. The stress of waiting ooooo, till he sleeps, or having your heart beat 1000 times per minute(checking when he is the toilet),  is just not worth it, i personally don’t like it ‘cos it can be very addictive. (yeah, been there-done that). Nne, the guy who had me going crazy checking his phone nkor? The always clean phone, turned out to be his ability to cover every hole properly. (My guy had a steady chic camped out in games-village, while i felt cool as the ‘Only-one, in his house in town. I got to know we were 2 ‘main’ chics long after we parted ways. Lol)

I know it’s not easy, sometimes checking his phone will help keep his head ‘correct’, but is the stress worth it? Just know that a cheating man who is smart; will wipe out all trace and front a super lover around you. I’m just saying…., but it depends on what works for you. During my bridal shower; this topic lasted quite a while as my friends had different views. One of my friend was adamant about her view of not even snooping but checking Hubby’s phone straight up in his face, Lol. It’s working for her.

What do you think?

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