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eatHello Moms. Sometimes, it gets frustrating trying to feed a child above three years, this is because he/she won’t just sit and eat without having to go and play. It gets very tiring when you have another younger kid or pregnant with another. It is great help to teach your kid how to feed themselves as soon as they are able to do so; this is usually around 8 to 9 months for finger feeding and about 2 years for spoon feeding.

Around the 8th month, you will notice that kids grasp for their food with their whole hand in a raking motion. They often get a bunch in their hand at once and will try to shove their whole hand into their mouth. it might seem difficult but somehow they manage.  After a while, they will begin to use multiple fingers to pick up more foods, which should evolve into pincer grasps around 9 months old, some children take a longer time to get the hang of this, and could get to pincer grasp stage at a year or even over. Just continue to monitor your child’s progress and encourage this step by sometimes giving melt-able bite-size food to him/her.

Around age 2, start training on spoon feeding, it is essential to allow your toddler try. this means giving them their own spoon while you feed them.  This allows baby to associate the spoon with eating. Hopefully, your child will put it to their mouth intermittently, encourage this.  Once they start to put it to their mouth put your hand on top of their’s and dip it together in the food, put just enough on the spoon so it is just a taste.  Do this a few times throughout the meal until they start to get the hang of it themselves. At the long run, you will be saving yourself the stress of having to feed your child past the recommended age.

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