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So, I read the article that was trending recently, about Abuja men and the reasons they love to stay out late and drink rather than go home. As much as i wont encourage any woman to nag; I find it ridiculous that a man would prefer to stay out and drink till late and probably get home after his kids have gone to bed ‘cos he is avoiding a nagging wife.

I spoke with some men and women about this and needless to say; I was amazed by my findings. One Abuja mom cried as she told me the only times she can remember being under the same roof with her husband of 5 years at 11pm was the 1st 2weeks after their wedding and the 1st week after she delivered both of her kids. He usually gets home between 11.30pm and 12am “everyday”. What a life??? How do your children know you? What advice do you give your future son in law on how to treat your daughter? What or Who protects your home while you are away every night?. One Abuja Dad said; the noise the kids make, drives him out to “chill and drink in gardens”. Wow!!! I had to ask; Why have kids if you’ll rather drink away their college fund anytime they make noise in their father’s house? Who gets to train your kids and stop them from making noise? OK. Keep it up, keep running away to drink until your kids become adults.

I’m not saying hanging out is bad, ‘cos truthfully sometimes our men meet with people who connect them with jobs or deals at these sit outs, but an everyday hangout life style is just LOW.

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