So, a pained spouse reached out to me completely furious by a discovery made on Facebook where two Abuja based “married” adult decided to re-live their sexual escapades whilst dating, on the wall of their Facebook page!!! Yeah; you heard right…ON THE WALL OF THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE. I wasn’t going to share this gist but then the pain the spouse felt is one that no one should feel. Cheating of any kind is wrong but then cheating and brandishing the affair in places your spouse, his/her family members, friends, pastor, neighbors and even enemies can see is just plain heartless and foolish.

So the gist is; this guys dated some years back but ended up marrying different people and then reunited on Facebook; they started chatting and reminiscing on old flame, talked about how she missed sucking his D@*k, how big the shit was and asked if he would still suck her like he used to. The guy too spoke about his wife calling his stuff big and how he feels it has grown more than it was when they were together and how he would want them to do again to check if they will feel same way!!!!! Choi, on the wall of Facebook ooh….they just embarrassed not just themselves but also their spouses.

Get this… they are both parents to children ooh, mtschewww ‘e pain me for their spouses gan’. Had to hide their names to save them small face even though they are shameless to get in to all of this in the 1st place.  I have screen grabs of their chat but won’t like to post with their names and faces showing.

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