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kidsHello Moms, I remember with mixed feelings, long time ago when my grandma would visit us, either for ‘omugwo (mother’s visit to take care of her daughter who just put to be) or just to chill in our house. My siblings and i, always wondered, why this woman would get mad that we always call our Mom.  ” Mummyyyyyyyy, my pencil, Mummmyyyyy he is pushing me, Mummyyyy, she refuse to give me…..”. My Mom would always attempt to answer to every demand we had to make and please know that we are 5 children. (FIVE very demanding and opinionated kids.) My grandma would scream at us to leave her daughter alone. Lol, ‘na today?’ The more she said that, the more we sought our mother’s attention.

Fast forward….. today, all i want is just a little “Me time”, anytime i feel the coast is clear and stretch out my self to just chill, i see two little legs enter where ever i am hiding and that’s it!!! My “me time” has in fact lasted for two seconds and somebody wants something. And i tell myself; not to worry, once this toddler stage pass, i will soooo enjoy myself; and then i visit my friends (with kids that are no longer toddlers), What??? My childhood stares me in the face again; Mummmmmyyyy, i want…., Mummmyyyy she took my…., Mummmyyyyy charge my ipad, Mummmyyyy give me…. Mummmyyyy, help me with my home work, Mom you see what she’s doing right? ( With their big big English). I remember my granny and i’m like; truly, why did we have to disturb my Mom so much, i don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Oh My Mother, if i had a dollar to give u, for every time i called your name….

Well these days, i get my ‘Me time’, before Uncle P, goes to work. I just say; “Babe, i need to use the toilet”, i pick my phone, and i just chill in the toilet for thirty minutes. Enjoying myself with me, my phone, and i.

Please share your experience and how you get through the day with our Little bosses.

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