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Hello Everyone, hope y’all are having a great time? Do you ever say “I’m sorry” to your spouse or do you go about waiting for your spouse to apologize even when you’re at fault? There are many men and women who just find it difficult to say sorry. They put the blame on anyone or anything but not just themselves.

The phrase: I’m sorry; is one of the most important phrase of all times. These tiny words can quell a lot of quarrels and trouble in our relationships with our spouse, in-laws, children and even house helps (yes! they are human beings and get their feelings hurt too). It is not only important to say sorry but also to mean it. Don’t just say sorry when you don’t mean it. Acknowledge that your action has hurt someone’s feeling and then apologize because you feel bad for hurting them. Some people even say; “you want me to say sorry abi? Ok Sorry!”, that is just wrong and disrespectful at all levels. Or to say: “I have told you sorry, what more do you want?” If you offend your spouse and he/she still feels vexed after you have apologized, please give him/her time to get the hurt out, he/she is human and can’t automatically switch off their feelings.

These words give spouses the opportunity to move past the mistakes of each other, thereby helping their marriage work. Not being able to say you’re sorry when you offend your spouse, is a sure way of breeding contempt and crack in your home. Take responsibility for your actions and apologize, afterall, no one is Perfect.

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