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cryingHello Moms, I’ll really just like to advice all of us to please get to do something financially rewarding, no matter how small or little it may be. I have seen lots of women completely disillusioned when their husbands abandons the family or worse off; dies. I have been told by victims themselves on how the life as they knew it died with their marriage. Do anything you can to support yourself, it doesn’t have to be time consuming, just learn the ropes of business. Find out things you can do around you and get paid. God forbid any mishap befall us, it is safe to know your children can still feed and go to school.  

A lady in this town woke up to find that her husband had abandoned the family, without anything other than a note saying he is tired of the way he has been living and has decided to try out another country. He left without considering the fact that his wife was not working or doing any business. They have two little children in school, their rent was to expire in two months. She couldn’t stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks. Where would she start from? She called her in-laws and found out they were all aware he was leaving her. They told her to move back to the village and stay with her sick mother in-law if she couldn’t hold ground until their brother returns in a couple of years. How terrible? She couldn’t stand the thought of going to the village to take care of a woman whose son, betrayed her to this level, she couldn’t phantom her kids suddenly becoming village children and worse of all she had no clue if or when her husband will return.

She had no business, no job experience, no capital, no handiwork, nothing.  What will you advice?

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