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helpWith a lot of mishaps going on these days, one can not over emphasize the importance of taking proper steps before hiring nannies, house-helps, drivers, cooks, any domestic staff at all. Here are tips and steps to take when hiring.



Firstly make sure you are sourcing from a reputable source; domestic staff are mostly gotten through word of mouth, it is imperative that whoever we are getting these referrals from are trust worthy themselves. They have to be reputable, don’t just ask your security man who smokes weed to bring you someone all in the name of ‘desperation’.

Second step after getting someone from a reputable source is to interview the person, be clear as to what the job description entails, observe body language and mannerism. You can even ask someone you trust his or her judgement to be around when interviewing just to have diverse opinion of your potential staff.

Background check is of great importance. You should verify address, check out guarantors, ask questions, clear any doubt, do not suppress any suspicion because you feel you are desperate.

Finally, do medical checkup before your help is hired, again i say; “running medical tests is not discrimination”, Read here

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