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African American father and daughterHello Moms, we all love to have smart kids. Most times when moms get together; all you hear is: “this boy ehn, can you believe he….. or my dear, you need to see the way my child….. Yes it is what it is, smart kids make everyone proud. We don’t call it bragging, it is just telling you what our kids can do! Lol. There are ways every parent or guarding can assist in guiding these kids into smart beings, i’ll share some.


  • Play with your kids, make them feel loved, interact with them: study has shown that babies who were not cuddled, played with and loved have stunted brain growth. Just as many studies have shown that, hugging, loving, playing and generally interacting with your kids has a strong effect on developing their intelligence. Your interaction with them provide the foundation for their higher thinking skills.
  • Reading is a very important tool in raising up smart kids, when you imbibe the habit of reading early in a child’s life, you are setting him up for greatness because reading develops a child’s appetite for knowledge. The more a child learns from reading, the more he wants to learn.
  • The importance of exercise in a kid’s life is so much, exercising increases the flow of blood to the brain which in turn builds new brain cells. Keeping the children fit not only help build up their brain but also build up their self confidence.
  • Allowing children play creates the foundation for their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional skills. When they play with other kids, they learn to combine ideas, impressions and feelings with other kids’ experiences and opinions.
  • Study has also shown that excess screen time (TVs, smart phones, laptops etc) deregulates a child’s melatonin(a hormone that helps people fall asleep) output, and circadian rhythm (internal body clock), making it harder to get a good night’s rest, thereby consolidating learned information. It also induces excess beta brain waves which keep your kid in the hyperactive state. Set a limit to when they are allowed to use these devices per day.
  • As much as signing kids for activities is good, it is worthy of note that the brain needs to rest. When you sign your kids up for numerous activities, recognize the importance of relaxation and unstructured play, which fosters creativity development.
  • Let your kids see you smart, kids learn by modeling adult’s behavior.  If he sees you engaged in reading books, or doing creative things, he will imitate you, and in the process make himself smart.

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