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judgeHi everyone, it is truly our mentality in this part of the world to say; well this person or company didn’t treat me right but, i’ll leave him to God or the next person will be his/their Waterloo. This norm, is really making lots of people get away with very bad behaviors only to repeat it again and again and again.Take for instance the ways these facility managers collect so much money as service charge and end up not giving the so called service after two or three months. What do most people do? “I am sooo angry with the way this people have refused to put on the generator, refused to pay security guys, refused to pay cleaners after they have collected one million Naira as service charge; but someday, someone will mess them up”, You move out, someone else moves in and same style is played out. Who will finally mess them up?

My very dear friend, lost a beautiful baby due to a doctor’s mistake, the management of the hospital here in Abuja accepted it was the doctor’s fault but told my friend to please not be angry, if you sue him now; his family would suffer and they might take away his licence to practice, they told him. Few weeks later, i met a lady who’s sister lost a child in that same hospital because a doctor made a “mistake”. I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was the same doctor and if this other baby would have been with us if that doctor’s license was ceased.

Years back, i had a neighbor, beautiful lawyer; who married a guy that treated her like rubbish, always beating her and bringing her down. They were married by law, traditionally and in the church. One day, while ‘Aunty’ (as we called her) was at work; bros came with a truck and said they were moving house, he moved everything Aunty owned and disappeared. It was later discovered he was married with kids living in Lagos, but only comes to Abuja, prey on ladies with some cash and marry them, reduce their self-worth and finally rob them blind. I was so excited Aunty had all these information (pictures of him and his family and his address), and as a lawyer, she would take him to court, charge him for bigamy (that is seven years imprisonment ooh) and theft. ¬†Hmmmmmm, that was not to be, as she said; he will meet his Waterloo someday. I can’t help but wonder how many women have been heartbroken and robbed after marrying this “Serial Husband”.

So my question is; Sue or not Sue? What do you guys think?

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