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I hit the street in bid to know what it is that keep some men out till late and i got some interesting feed back i will like to share, i truly hope any mom who finds herself in any of these categories, would put in some effort to try something new and let go of the habit most men told me are their reasons to stay out late.

A nagging wife; is one of the highest reasons men say makes them stay out late or not come home at all (yes, one said he no longer lives with his wife). As much as we should advice our husbands, it shouldn’t have to be an over bearing attitude. Some women tend to complain about every and any thing their husbands do. Shouting always and also transferring anger to your husband whenever you’re pissed by kids. It is not easy (i know), getting the kids ready for school, making sure the house is clean, making sure there is food, kids are well, and then running your hustle whether business or paid job. It can be draining most times but please moms; don’t let it translate into nagging. A little trick i do is to pour out my heart to my dairy and then destroy the write up when i have cooled off, ‘cos believe me; you don’t want to read the things i write there sometimes.(Lol)

A Dirty home was another reason i was given, some men told me their wives are so busy with their jobs or business that they don’t have time for the house cleaning, some said their houses started smelling of urine and became messy when they started having kids. Ladies please, if your house chores are too much for you and you don’t have a domestic staff, try talking Hubby into helping around the house sometimes, potty train the kids, always keep the home ventilated, avoid having dirty clothes piled up. If you can, place some air fresheners around your home, in all just try and keep the home tidy.

Boredom came up as well; some men said their wives just prefer to do any other thing but provide quality company for them, and no; i don’t mean sex, sex is great but then everyone needs a friend to talk to. Ladies, be your husband’s friend; gist, play games, spice up his meals, make some finger foods he can nibble on while you guys have a drink and chill at home. Bring the sit out or hanging out feel in to your home sometimes. (I will be sharing reciepes on finger foods like isi ewu, nkwobi, peppered gizzard, snail, liver, and different kinds of meat & fish pepper soup.) Spend time with your man please, leave the excuse of kids taking up all your time everyday.

Mothering wife is a wife that becomes more a mom than a wife to her husband( a man said). This reason i was told keeps a man out and happy where he is ‘cos whenever if gets home, he’s treated like a child, scolded and corrected at every turn. Please Ladies, let’s always remember that; a man’s ego is hurt when ever they are treated as kids. Do not mistake: ‘ pampering’ a man like a child with ‘talking’ to a man like a child.

Shabbily dressed wife, some men complained are reasons they stay out late and sometimes even cheat on their wives ‘cos they hate to come home and see them tying wrapper on their chest, not ever bothering to make their hair, not looking nice again because they are married and have kids. Moms, let’s try the best we can to stay attractive to our men ‘cos truthfully we will be helping them fight temptations by doing so.


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