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Hello Ladies, My name is Happiness and I am a mom. Being a Mom is a wonderful experience and then being a Mom in Abuja is quite an interesting roller coaster, with the quality of life Abuja residents tend to live:

School Fees, Rents, Domestic Staff, Parties, Party Packs, Lunch Packs, Husbands, Hubby’s Friends, Abuja Boys, Abuja night girls e.t.c…

These and many more gave rise to the birth of this site. It’s a place where us Moms meet and discuss any and everything. Share ideas and experiences to help each other, ease our stress and just gist. With categories including; Parenting, Life Style, Healthy Living, Food Recipes, Relationships, Motivational Notes and Lots more, we are bound to have a swell time.

Without further ado Ladies; Welcome!!! Welcome to this site; Abuja Moms where we would always give you News you can Use.

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