When Madam Traces Mistress To The Office!!!

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So, the craziest thing happened today, in one plaza around town. A woman just blocked another woman with her car and started screaming at the top of her voice; telling the woman to release her husband. You see, the woman who blocked the other woman is the madam and the blocked woman is the mistress. Apparently, Oga has been with mistress for over a week. Madam was asking mistress how she could welcome a father of four into her home and camp him for a week with his phones switched off, his children wondering where there Daddy was.

The whole thing almost scattered when people gathered to settle the matter and mistress said; they shouldn’t bother themselves because of a mad woman; referring to madam. Choi!!!! What nonsense? Madam wanted to show her what madness looked like, but people held her. A guy even reminded her that, the matter can not even be handled by the police, she has to go back and resolve the matter with her husband.

A man that can turn off his phone and keep his children worried for one week is just a…. The person that gave madam the info on where mistress worked, would have told her to go to the address where she was camping her husband. These men that make women act like this nko? I have no words right now (‘cos it’s a blog…. hmmmm if not!!!).

If you were madam: what will you do?

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