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momnsonHello everyone (Lol, i have been cautioned by a male reader not to say hello Moms).  A little girl (Oluwabunmi Alejero) was kidnapped from her church in Lagos on sunday afternoon; thank God she has been found and safely united with her family. She was kidnapped while playing in the ‘church’ premises, another boy(David Olupitan) was also said to be abducted last night from his ‘home’, and hasn’t been found.

If kids can be abducted at home or even in church; then we must really put all efforts in ensuring their safety. We can’t (and shouldn’t even) ever get tired of looking out for our kids. These are dangerous times where the devil and his agents have decided to go after little, defenseless children. As parents, Uncles, Aunties or Guardians it is important that we keep an eye on these little ones. I see children running about at parties, once in a while, i stop and engage them for over 10 minutes looking at the direction of his or her parent and sometimes, some parents are so engrossed in the party frenzy that they don’t even take the shortest glance at their children. What can any comedian be saying, that you’ll laugh and forget your child for 5 minutes? What drama can be more important than a child you are supposed to care for?

Please everyone let us try as much as we can to be watchful and most of all; PRAY for the safety of our children and children all over.

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