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babyEvery mother has asked this question at some point after our babies have their 1st birthday or in some cases, when they hit their eight month. That one time; super cute, very calm(unless hungry or sick) baby, smiling in his or her sleep, gorgeous baby, suddenly becomes one (still cute) cranky, opinionated, i-want-what-i-want, scattering everywhere, happy-this-second and sad-the-next-second, shouting at the top of his or her lungs but still an adorable lil’being!

Yes!!! Your baby is now a toddler; a toddler’s emotions changes with the speed of light and it’s best to understand this phase so you don’t get too frustrated. Toddlers are very happy this minute and can scream or erupt into tantrums the next minute sometimes in most embarrassing place or time. When i learnt that this phase can span between their 8th month and their 5th birthday(what????), i started asking questions on how to cope and how to get a cranky lil’man calm. Here are my findings:

  • Play with them as often as you can.
  • Establish clear and consistent limits.
  • Speak in short phrases, keep repeating until you get his attention, and always match your tone of voice, body & facial expression to the toddlers’.
  • Treat him with respect. (yes, they know when you’re being disrespectful. Lol

Not doing these things might mean you’re in fact creating a cranky toddler yourself. Here’s how:

  • Spending ┬ávery little quality time with the toddler.
  • Not establishing a routine for your kid.
  • Rewarding whining.
  • Not being consistent with discipline.

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