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A Mom in Abuja is basically as strong as every other mom in the world. Every woman is a strong being, believe me. I once saw a quote that said ”women are like tea bags; you don’t know how strong they are until you put them in hot water”. This brings me to the answer to my question Who is an Abuja Mom?

An Abuja mom is a strong, calculated, right thinking, forward oriented, target setting, goal achieving, dress conscious, fast learning ‘mother. (We might have quite a few that are not all or any of these, but these are the qualities of an average Abuja mom)

Let me break it down guys; you see, Abuja is like the hot water that brings out the best in us, Abuja is a town like no other in this country, it is first and foremost not counted as a state, therefore most of us cant say we are from here. It’s most likely the most expensive place in all of Nigeria, with the different people bringing in different culture and ways of life; we are always learning new things. I will take these attributes one after the other so y’all can understand.

We are strong because in this town, no matter how much your Husband earns you have to partake in some home funding ‘cos there’s always a better and more expensive school, house or work space that joint funding would help achieve. We are Calculating ‘cos we constantly have the need to be on top of our game, we think right so our home isn’t left behind, forward is our watch word ‘cos really where else can we go? we always set targets and achieve them to further improve our homes, we are dress conscious ooh(have you seen the girls in this town???) we’re always looking ‘on point’ for our husbands biko. Lol. We learn fast ‘cos if you’re not up to date, even your kids will school you. (yes! they are smart like that).

Now you know who an Abuja Mom is. You’re welcome. #closeslaptopandstrollsaway

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