Hello everyone; I thought so hard of what the title of this piece should be and just decided to call this husband a wicked and sick man. So, I got this mail from an Abuja mom; asking me to post her story and hoping she will get some advice and other women can learn a thing or two from her experience. Hear her:

Good day Abuja moms, I stumbled upon your blog recently and I’ve become addicted already, I check your blog a couple of times everyday and sometimes I get angry on the days you refuse to post. Try and post regularly please. Please post my story so fellow readers can advice me or at least learn from it.

I live in Wuse 2 with my hubby and 3 kids; my husband is a kind man and we have lived peacefully for 11 years. During my single days, i lived with my girlfriend in her family house, they took me as their own and i never felt i wasn’t family. Last year, my friend’s youngest sister got posted to Abuja for NYSC. I took her in and she’s been staying with us since then.

2 weeks ago i came out of my kitchen and noticed my friend’s sister jump quickly out my husband’s lap, at first i thought i was dreaming and literally had to wipe my face. I quietly walked to my husband and asked what i just saw, he screamed and got so upset that i could even think that. He asked if he will cheat on me while i’m home and his kids also in their room. He called the girl and told her what i asked; she immediately started laughing and said I must be dreaming.

I know exactly what i saw and with the 2 of them claiming otherwise, i’m now confused and it feels like i am about to run mad because i can’t concentrate on anything else. I just want them to admit so i know i am not mad. My husband comes home and doesn’t even talk to me, he claims i accused him wrongly and insist the girl is like his sister therefore hangs out with her even more these days.

Mothers, i am not crazy; i saw them, please help me. what should i do?

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