Wife discovers she wasn’t the only wife, through facebook.

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SWNS_BIGAMIST_01.jpgThings like this are also happening in this town of ours (Abuja), and it gets even worse; some men actually divorce their wives without her knowledge and get married, while still living in the house; he shuttles both homes, with lies upon lies of how he needs to travel. Thanks to facebook, this wife found out she was not the only wife after 4 years. Here’s how DM puts it:

A wife discovered her cheating husband’s secret second family after he was tagged on Facebook doing the Ice Bucket Challenge with his new spouse.

Andrew O’Clee, 36, was married to Michelle, 39, for three years before he forged a decree absolute and tied the knot with Philippa, nine years her junior, while he and his first wife were trying for a baby.

But despite a four-year web of ‘lies and forgery’ his second wife, a finance manager at Vivid Imaginations, has vowed to stand by her man, according to defence attorney Patrick Duffy.

O’Clee lied about entering the Witness Protection Programme and told Michelle he had to live in a safe house, so he could spend more time with his new family at their £600,000 home in Chiddingfold, Surrey.

The bigamist, who is believed to be a former Army soldier and transport worker, even turned up five hours late to the birth of his first child with Michelle – and then asked for a paternity test, a court heard.

But the father-of-one was caught out in the elaborate lie after four years when a video of his Ice Bucket Challenge appeared on Facebook captioned ‘uncle Andrew and auntie Philippa’ – which was seen by Michelle.

She reported him to police and O’Clee has been jailed for eight months at Chichester Crown Court for bigamy.

Michelle revealed that after he showed up late at the birth of their child he then lied and said he had to leave with police.

She told the court: ‘I lived like this for a year and six months. When I went into labour he was five hours late to the birth.

‘He cut the cord and left again. He said the police were waiting outside to take him to safety.

‘The day I found out about the bigamy was the day my world fell apart and the violent betrayal unfolded.

‘To add insult to injury he instructed me to take a paternity test.’

Michelle revealed that O’Clee told her he was involved in a fraud case and had to enter the Witness Protection Program which would keep him away from home for long periods.

‘Thinking back, as I do every single minute of every single day, I had no reason not to trust Andrew,’ she said.


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